Saturday, September 20, 2008

Diet and Exercise

I've been dieting and exercising a lot this week. My goal is to keep "in play" with the Biggest Losers weekly percentage weight loss each week. I started my program on Monday. After watching the program on Tuesday, I realized that I should have started the week before. So I know how much weight I should lose before my first weekly weigh-in.

Having a set goal for the week has been a great inspiration for me. I'm motivated to keep moving, even when my shin splints are aching and I'm tired. I can be a very competitive person, so competing with a friend is not an option. Competing against the show's contestants is providing me with inspiration and a goal, but without making someone I know feel unsuccessful.

On Thursday, I fell when playing tennis with my children. My ankle was twisted slightly and my shoulder is sore and bruised. Instead of doing the intense workouts I've been doing, I will be taking the kids for long walks in the woods.

In 5 days, I've lost 10 pounds. My heart rate is down 10 points when resting. My blood pressure is in the healthy range again. My jeans are looser. The big question: Can I lose another 4 pounds by Monday?


Melinda said...

Keep up the good work Karen. You are doing a great job!! Thank you for inspiring me!

Karen said...

Thanks Melinda, How is your week going? I'm sure that you are in a healthy negative zone! I'll call you tomorrow to catch up with you. Karen