Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Outside Activities

My younger girls are enrolled in an Art class on Monday evenings, when the older children are in the Entrepreneur class. The art teacher called in sick at the last minute and another teacher filled in for the class. The substitute is owns a home in Kenya and her husband lives there full time, overseeing an orphanage. She had someone bring in hand carved plates, sculpture, and candle holders. I was really impressed with her last minute arrangements. The children were allowed to handle the art work while closely supervised. She spoke about the culture and tribes in the area. She discussed how much of the artwork is created for sale. Items that the people of Kenya sell for $10 sell on EBay and in stores for over $100.

The instructor also talked about the elaborate jewelry that the women make and wear. She is a vivid and dynamic speaker. My daughters renewed their interest in bead-work. Our weather man is predicting rain and cold temperatures for the next several days. I foresee much jewelry making in the afternoons at my house.

I love hands-on classes with teachers who love their topics.

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