Wednesday, September 3, 2008

This Week's Sewing Project

Several years ago, I completed two Irish Chain quilt tops. One was predominately peach, with green chains. The second top was predominately green, with peach chains. The quilt tops were for my two oldest daughters, who shared a bedroom. I quilted the predominately peach quilt top, but never quilted the other top.

My oldest daughter moved into a lower level bedroom 8 years ago and we changed the color scheme of the main-floor bedroom the girls had shared. Two years ago, my 2nd oldest daughter repainted the bedroom a warm green. Yesterday, I found the misplaced and never quilted top. I decided that I need to get this quilt completed, because the chances of having a room with the same color scheme again are slim.

I'm going to tie this quilt, because I don't have time to hand quilt. I have difficulty quilting anything larger than a throw on my sewing machine. No matter how carefully and thoroughly I baste, the larger quilts end up with extra fabric in some areas and not enough in other areas.


elephantschild said...

I love the Irish Chain - it looks complicated, but it's easy to piece!

If you lived closer, I'd come over and help you tie that!

Karen said...

I actually have 3 quilt tops to tie. You would certainly be welcome to come and help! Do you feel the need for a road trip? ;)

elephantschild said...

ARGH! I wish it wasn't so far! And we're down to ONE car right now. :-( The other one is up on jack in the garage, without its fuel tank.

Otherwise, I'd seriously consider it during my hubby's next long business trip!