Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Can We Keep This One?

The children and I went to the Humane Society Shelter this afternoon to volunteer. Our first stop was the cat room, where we brushed all the cats (multiple times) and cushions. Then were split into two groups. One group went to help wash two dogs. The second group (including mom) were sent outside to play with a pugle puppy. A pugle is considered a designer dog, which is a mix of pug and beagle. The puppy was 7 months old and very cute. Unfortunately, she has a habit of playfully biting people in the seat of their pants. She scared my 5 year old, who spent the second half of the time with this dog standing on top of a table.

After 30 minutes, my older children joined us. We chased the puppy around the play area until she wanted to rest. The older boys wanted to spend the remainder of the time playing with the cats, so they returned inside. I placed the puppy back in her kennel and explained that we had wore her out. We were offered a second puppy to play with for the rest of our time.

The second puppy was a huge success! Hector chases balls, is patient with young children, comes when called, and is a little calmer than the first puppy. We ended up staying an extra 20 minutes at the shelter because we were having so much fun. My 15 and 13 year old children offered to clean the garage and paint the exterior of the house if we could bring Hector home. Hector remained at the shelter and my garage is still messy and my house needs a fresh coat of paint. Maybe I'll get the same offer in the spring when it's time to get a dog.

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