Sunday, October 12, 2008

Friday's Activities

My children attended their first dance and music classes Friday afternoon. The dance instructors are from Columbia, Russia, and somewhere in the middle east. The children are currently learning a South American folk dance. The instructor explained the history behind the dance and the costume. She is so excited to be teaching the dance to the children. In Columbia, the children begin learning the folk dances when they are three. Only three of my children are participating in the free dance class. The children will be performing the dance during an international children's parade in November.

The music instructor is a professional musician who plays several instruments. He is doing group instruction teaching piano, guitar, ukulele, recorder, and drums. My younger three girls are learning recorder and my 11 year old son is learning guitar. The instructor is teaching numbers instead of notes. He mentioned that in two weeks, he will teach the children the note names. This is a new experience for me to convert my knowledge of notes into numbers. My girls are eager to practice each day and are picking up the songs quickly. This is another free class that someone in the community offered to teach. The children also received free instruments to keep.

I feel so blessed this year. It was necessary to take my daughters out of dance classes this year because we couldn't afford them any longer. What a blessing to my children to have the opportunity to still dance.

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