Friday, November 14, 2008

Children's Music and Dance Classes

My 5 youngest children have been participating in free dance and music classes. Two members of the community wanted to work with children/teens to teach music and Colombian dancing. They met with a homeschool mom who is very active in the community. After working out the logistics of time and place the classes began. On November 22, the children will be dancing, singing, and playing instruments in the Christmas parade. I was able to take some pictures of today's rehearsal.

Paige and Alison playing drums. They are in the front row.

Paige, Alison, and Madelyn performing in their Colombian-style skirts. Paige and Allie are wearing purple. Madelyn is wearing pink.

They love their swishy skirts!

Paige drumming on her portable drum set.
Joe (in orange) and Steve (in gray) keeping the beat.

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