Sunday, November 2, 2008

I Finally See the Light

Have you ever had one of those Aha moments when you feel stupid for not making the discovery sooner? Well, the light bulb was finally lit in my head on Saturday. I've been working out quite a bit during the last 2 months. The problem is that my feet are a mess. I've had up to 15 blisters on my feet at one time. The skin around my toes is peeling away from the toenails (and no I don't have athletes foot). At one point, there was a 6" long trench on the bottom of my foot. Sorry to be so descriptive.

Saturday, I was talking to my mom about our Y center experiences and the light bulb went off in my head. The kids and I swim in heavily chlorinated 90 degree water for 30 minutes every morning. Then we dress and I drop the small kids off at child watch so that I can workout uninterrupted. Usually, I walk/run on the treadmill first. My nice soft, wrinkly skin is being ripped to shreds. Duh! Hopefully, with a few minor adjustments my feet will heal and fell much better.

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