Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Squabbling Children

Tempers have had short fuses at my home lately. Alison has been particularly challenging. Taking her anywhere has been risky. I never know when she will explode and make a scene. After a really bad Monday, I decided that we were staying home until everyone changed their mood.

Tuesday, Madelyn was really out-of-sorts and displayed the ugly-teen attitude. Alison continued to be her un-sunny self and threatened to run away. Last night, we discovered a stash of candy wrappers in Alison's bedroom. A LOT of candy wrappers. Wrappers from approximately 2 pounds of candy. The wrappers were not in her room when I cleaned it on Monday morning. Could her mood be the result of incredibly high blood sugar levels?

Last night, Alison came to my bedroom crying that her stomach hurt. She had really bad cramps. After asking pertinent questions, I learned that she was constipated. I wonder. Did candy have anything to do with her situation?

We ate a lot of fruits and vegetables today. We drank a lot of water. Alison is feeling a lot better and has been pleasant all day. Madelyn has returned to her normal, happy, helpful, self. The remaining Halloween candy is now in the freezer. It may never resurface again.

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