Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sweet Sixteen

Katie turned 16 yesterday. The time has passed so quickly. I still remember going to quilting class on the warm Tuesday evening shortly before labor began, 17 days past my due date. All the ladies at class asked those dumb questions that people ask. "When are you going to have that baby?", "Haven't you had that kid yet?", "I thought you were due in October?" I did maintain my temper and not respond with the snarky comments I wanted to make. "I'm crossing my legs because I want to carry this child as long as possible 'cuz it's so much fun.", "I had the baby last week, but have stuck a pillow under my shirt, because I look so nice this way.", "I lied to you about my due date, because I wanted to keep answering dumb questions every time I see you!"

My labor was short with Katie, only 3 hours from first contraction to baby in arms. The OB told me that I should come to the hospital when the contractions were 5 minutes apart. So following instructions, started our trip to the hospital. We placed Amy in the car and began our journey to my mom's house (30 minutes each way). We almost didn't make it to the hospital in time. Katie was born 10 minutes after we reached the hospital. Kate was a huge baby weighing in at 9# 3 oz.

To celebrate Kate's birthday, we cancelled school. Instead, we spent the morning at the Y Center. Mike was able to take the day off of work, so he came with us. We swam for 30 minutes in the warm pool, then played floor hockey together. Then, we finished off the morning playing "human bowling". This game was invented by Mike on the spur-of-the-moment. One person bowls with a basketball, while all other people line up in Pin Formation at the other end of the "lane". The bowler tries to knock down as many people as possible when rolling the ball. All bouncing balls are disqualified. Our older family members were a little bored, but the younger 5 had a blast.

Mike cooked his famous tacos and homemade chicken broth salsa for lunch. After opening presents, the birthday girl and her brothers had to attend the Global Entrepreneur's Summit until 8:30pm. We had homemade pizza when everyone got home and ate cake and ice cream while watching the Biggest Loser. Not a real exciting day, but Katie had a good time. It was wonderful that Mike was able to be home for the day. Amy called from school to wish Katie a happy birthday, which made Kate feel good.

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Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to Katie! I did have a friend come over after my second baby was born and I was carrying her in my sling. She didn't know I had the baby and though I was just wearing the sling until I started pulling her out! It was hilarious! But, my 1st two were before their due date and the last was ON her due date, so I really didn't have too many of those questions. Other than the fact that at 5 foot, I am all baby and was enormous so some would wonder!

I was watching the Biggest Loser last night too!

Sounds like you all had fun!