Thursday, November 20, 2008

Doctor Visits

I took Katie to the specialist today for her scoliosis check. The specialist lives in a neighboring town, so we had to leave the house at 8:00 am. While we were checking-in, we learned that her appointment had been cancelled. No reason was given for the cancellation or why I hadn't been informed before reaching the doctor's office.

The receptionist was apologetic and went to speak with the doctor. She came back and suggested that my daughter see the doctor's assistant. I don't think so. We are paying and driving to see the specialist on her condition, not an assistant. There are times that I'm willing to use the services of an assistant, but not if I'm seeing a specialist. I smiled, kept my opinion to myself, and asked when the next appointment was available. The receptionist checked the schedule and explained that it would be 3 more months. Another office worker suggested that we see the assistant. I stated that I really wanted my daughter to see the specialist and would rather reschedule. The doctor then appeared and said that he would see my daughter now.

The appointment wasn't really successful. The specialist didn't listen to the information we shared and dismissed my concerns with Kate's breathing and heart issues. After the first of the year, I'm going to take Kate back to our primary doctor and get a referral for a different specialist. What a pain!

Tomorrow, I get to return to the same complex with Steve to see a different specialist. Hopefully, that visit will be more productive.

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