Thursday, June 24, 2010

Searching for Dentists and Doctors

I went to the dentist today for a cleaning. The best part of the visit was that I don't need a root canal. I've been experiencing some discomfort (notice I didn't say pain) and thought that it might be a bad tooth. It ended up being wisdom teeth that are moving and trying to come through. The dentist doesn't think that I need to have an extraction at this point, so I'm happy.

The other members of the family were able to get scheduled for cleanings in July and August. We wanted to see what I thought of the dentist office before transferring everyone. Paige and Allie have been begging for another dentist appointment. It's hard to believe that they are my children.

My friend who has contacts in our area mentioned that people in our town don't go to local doctors. They drive to the large town about 30 minutes away. The drive won't be too bad, but I liked being a short drive to the pediatrician in our last area. Next week, I'll call some recommended doctors and try to set up appointments for everyone to get check-ups.

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Ewe said...

I would start making appointments right away. I called early in June for an eye doctor appointment and the earliest I could get in was the end of July. I've had all 3 boys pediatrician appointments scheduled for the middle of July for a long time. Dh was going to go for his physical in July, but they recommended he come yesterday instead of waiting over a month. The school children all need their appointments before school starts so the doctors and dentists are really busy now. Sometimes I use the "we live 3 hours away" excuse, but it doesn't work in the summer. I imagine the wait for new patients would be even longer. Hopefully you won't have any problems making appointments, but I would start now if I were you.