Monday, June 21, 2010

Did You Know....

Did you know that if you fill a pool with slightly rusty water, the water could be rusty enough to not let you see the bottom of the pool?

Mike set up the pool last Thursday. He didn't make sure that the bottom was completely flat. After getting about 1/2 full, I realized that we were going to have pool failure if it continued to fill. Enter Mrs. Fix-it. I emptied the poll to 1 foot. Then grabbing the bottom of the pool liner began to slowly pull the wrinkles to the edge, so they could get out of the bottom of the pool. After wrestling for an hour by myself, I had the older children come out and help. We removed all the wrinkles and the pool is now level!!!!!

After refilling, I learned that out water was rustier than I thought. Off to the pool supply store. We're trying metal remover...rust is metal, right? If this doesn't work, I'll need to empty the pool again. This could get expensive.


Glenda said...

my friend and my sil both use a salt-system to keep their pools clean instead of the chemicals. I have no idea if that would help with the rust problem or not, but you talking about it made me remember them.

Anonymous said...

>> rust is metal, right?

Well, rust is to metal as ash is to wood (err, ash as in what's left after the fire, not the tree), but who knows what "metal remover" will do.

But, please and thank you, I've got to know what kind of tree that is, at the top of the blog, all in bloom?!

Karen said...

I think that the tree is a Judas tree, but I might be mistaken. The tree is in a local park.

Anonymous said...

Aha and thank you. Judas Tree AKA Redbud (according to google).

All this time I thought, lucky you, the tree was in your front yard!