Thursday, June 17, 2010

Situations with Neighbors

Our new home is surrounded by families who have 2 or more dogs. Neither family chains their dogs or has completely fenced in yards. One family keeps track of their dogs and calls them home whenever one of their dogs leaves their yard. The other family has dogs that roam. These dogs spend a lot of time in my side yard taking care of business. One of these dogs killed another neighbor's cat and has had several visits from animal control. They recently received a ticket for dogs not on a leash. My children frequently play with each family. These two immediate neighbors don't talk to each other.

Last night, the kids were invited to play at the "keep the dogs in their yard" neighbors. I called my kids home when it began to get dark. My youngest two were immediately sent upstairs to wash up, and get ready for bed. When Allie returned downstairs, Mike noticed marks on her face. Allie was bitten by the smaller dog near her ear. The bite broke the skin. We washed her bit thoroughly and put neosporan(sp) on the abrasion. I asked Allie if she told any one that the dog had bitten her. She told the four year old daughter. Now, I need to talk to the neighbor about shots.

We aren't upset with the neighbor. The dog is very small and Allie loves to pick up animals to hug. Our cat scratches Allie regularly because Allie doesn't recognize when to let an animal alone. My concern is striking the right tone when speaking with this neighbor so the children can remain friends. Wish me luck!

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