Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Harsher Side of Nature

The owls are growing bigger. Mike and I enjoy watching them in the evening about 1 hour before dark. We hear them frequently from our bedroom windows at night when we are trying to sleep. Lately, we've been hearing a lot of birds chattering angrily. Usually, the loud squawking happens when it is too dark to see what is happening up in the tree branches. Yesterday, the birds started making a very loud racket around 8:00. Mike and I stood under the huge maple and searched for the young owls.

The young owls are maturing quickly. One owl had a small animal in its talons and was beginning to eat. As we tried to see what type of animal the owl had caught, another young owl grabbed a young robin from a nest. The robins were shrieking. The male robins were flying around frantically. Our lovable owls are eating the young robins! Yuck. Paige and Allie were upset that the young robins are considered food for the owls. They were horrified that the owls were mean. I explained that in nature birds and animals eat each other to survive, not to be mean.

My explanation didn't help much. They remember "Bob" and "Bobbie" from our old home who used to get very near the children. They used to feed some of the young robins last year. This year will not provide the same memories. Nature is tough. Everything isn't sweet and friendly. Animals don't have human feelings. Life is not like anything from a Disney nature film.

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