Tuesday, July 27, 2010

College Hassles

My oldest daughter, Amy, graduated from college in May. She needed to complete a summer internship before she could receive her actual diploma. The internship hasn't been completely successful. She agreed to work 13-15 hours per week (unpaid), but was scheduled to work 16 hours. She was required to do assignments on "her own time", after working the 16 hours on-site. Then there were the 3-4 days each month that she was required to "volunteer" 9-hour days to deliver the publication to various sites around west Michigan. She still hasn't been reimbursed for all the gas she used up.

While doing the internship, Amy has been working part-time at the college library to pay for her living expenses. Money has been tight for her, but she's been making it work.

Last weekend, Amy's car died. She doesn't have the money to purchase a newer vehicle and we can't afford to purchase her a car either. So, Mike drove up to her dorm several times to try and fix the problem. He goes again Thursday and he believes that it will be completely repaired at that time.

Yesterday, Amy called me to let me know that she has lost her lease on her dorm room, last Sunday. The girl she was sub-letting the apartment lied about the move out date. Amy thought that she had the apartment until the 3rd week in August, when her internship ends. Instead, she will be moving home 3 weeks early and will need to drive 2 hours each way, 6 days per week.

This whole summer has been discouraging and a much bigger hassle that Amy believed. To make matters worse, she hasn't been able to secure a full time job. She's sending resumes all over the place, but the job market is tough right now. I'm hoping that moving home will decrease some of her stress. On an up note, my other kids are thrilled that Amy is "coming home to live for a Looooooooong time."


Kim said...

I was using the county resource office that helps people get jobs. I was told to take my degree off my resume and have 2 resumes, one for places that require an education and one for jobs that don't. It worked, I secured a job at a small market in town.

I would have much preferred to get a job using my education but since I wasn't getting any calls back for "careers", I was happy to take the cashier job. One large benefit is that it's close to home so I'm not spending a ton on gas driving to the big city.

Unfortunately this job market means that employers can hire people with tons of experience in their industry for what they used to pay those just coming out of college. It makes it difficult for those just entering the workforce and those reentering after raising kids.

Karen said...

Thanks Kim! I'll pass the information about using 2 different resumes along to my daughter.

Barb the Evil Genius said...

People's lives certainly seem to be changing today. It's nice that your daughter has a great family she can weather it with.