Friday, July 30, 2010


Our pantry shelves were pretty bare this morning, so I began making up the grocery list. Paige and Allie walked over to where I was working and asked if I could read them some library books. It was almost lunch time and we were out of lunch fixings, so I asked if they could look at the books until I returned from the store. Madelyn promptly stated that she would read a particular book. I was pleased that Madelyn was being so helpful to the younger girls. Madelyn sat down in a chair, while Paige and Allie sat on the floor near her feet, waiting expectantly. Several minutes passed until finally Madelyn looked up and smiled at them. They were annoyed when she asked, "Did you want me to read this OUT LOUD?"

What a stinker! So much for my moment of pride in her thoughtful behavior.

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