Thursday, July 29, 2010

Long Day

Mike and I drove separately up to Amy's apartment and moved all her stuff. I made multiple trips in the van, while Mike repaired Amy's car. We are so thankful that her car is now repaired. 650 miles later and all of her belongings are scattered throughout the house. The kids helped me unload the van and carried some stuff upstairs to the room that Amy will share with Katie. They carefully stacked boxes up in a nice empty area of the room. When I arrived with her futon, they discovered that the empty floor space was for Amy's "bed". She graciously offered to sleep on the couch tonight, until the boxes are unpacked and the floor is once again visible.

Last night, Amy's boss asked her if she was interested in replacing her at the library. The supervisor spoke to the head of the library, suggesting Amy for her position when the supervisor leaves in 6 weeks. Amy was also granted an interview with the head of the library. Amy is very optimistic about this job possibility.

I got up early and placed a roast in the crock pot with seasonings and spoke with Steve about what to prepare as side dishes. I turned the crock pot on, but forgot to check that it was plugged in! Mike ran to the store and purchased pre-cooked barbecued beef to replace my uncooked roast. The house smelled wonderful with the spicy beef and cooking roast. Because I am not allowed sauces on my diet, I had a cold grilled chicken breast. They are getting a little boring. But the results are worth the loss of tasty interesting food.

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