Sunday, July 11, 2010

Letterboxing Success

Mike and I took Madelyn, Paige, and Allie letter boxing after we returned from church this morning. The weather was quite warm, so we decided to do boxes that did not require a long walk. The first box was in a small park with lots of nearby traffic. We searched high and low, but were unable to retrieve/find the box. The kids were excited to discover an old fashioned phone box, which reminded them of Dr. Who. It was necessary for all the girls to stand inside the box and pretend to be the Doctor.

Not to be deterred, we headed a slight distance away and began our search for another box. This box was down a really nice path that meandered near water. There were a ton of wild flowers and we could smell the clover as we walked. The box was located with a minimum of fuss. We're planning on returning to this park to take all the kids for a walk or bike ride in the near future.

The next box also required a short drive. The start for the box was at a playground. Paige and Allie begged to be able to play on the playground while we searched for the box. I was uncomfortable leaving the smallest girls alone, so Mike offered to stay with them, while Madelyn and I searched. We had a short walk through trees to the box's location. The box was quickly located and we returned to the playground to meet Mike and the girls. Allie and Paige were getting tired, so we ended our adventure for the day.

This was a really good letter boxing day. Everyone had fun. Everyone wants to go again. I'm planning on taking some of the kids letter boxing again tomorrow. It important that I remember that they get tired of searching much quicker than I do.

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