Thursday, July 15, 2010


Melinda and I went to Shipshewana Indiana on Tuesday. Shipshewana is an Amish community that is a tourist stop that is filled with wonderful stores and restaurants. (I did manage to stay on my diet during our visit!) We had a wonderful time letter boxing throughout the various stores. This was Melinda's first day of letter boxing and I had to explain to her that not all boxes are located inside businesses and frequently the box may turn up missing. She wasn't deterred by my information and we're going to try to do some letter boxing in her area when the mosquitoes are gone this fall.

We went to one fabric shop and I had a hard time not purchasing a ton of fabric. In our town there is only 1 small fabric shop and a tiny amount of fabric available at the local Walmart store. The prices were higher ($10/yard) than what I pay locally, but I'll probably drive down there frequently to get more material when needed.

There were tons of different fabrics in Shipshewana! The batiks selection was huge. I picked up 8 different fabrics that I plan to make into handbags and totes. Even though I'm making a quilt out of batik fabrics, I limited my selections to what I needed for my planned projects. It could get really expensive to purchase all the fabrics that I wanted.

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Melinda said...

Oh it was fun but required so much self-control, very difficult when you LOVE fabric!!! Thanks for showing me what letter boxing is all about :)