Monday, August 16, 2010


My diet is going really well. The food cravings are completely gone. A wonderful feature of this diet is the lack of hunger. The allowed foods get a little boring, but I'm always full. My energy level has increased and I feel better physically.

Several pairs of shoes and sandles became too big and were tossed in the garbage, along with several shirts and slacks. This weekend, I discovered that I'm fitting into clothes that I haven't worn in over 6 years. Today, I reached a 6-year low for my weight.

Mike and the kids have been really supportive. No one complains about helping prepare meals and missing out on pizza. Mike regularly checks out the latest fruits and vegetables at the market to bring me a treat. He also is encouraging me to toss all my "fat" clothing when they get too loose.

I've got a long road still ahead of me, but I'm so happy with my progress.


Melinda said...


Barb the Evil Genius said...

So what is your food criteria again?

Glenda said...

Good for You! Yippee!!!

I'm working on losing and I have lost some but I'm at the point where I start to feel better and I become a little less careful with what goes in my mouth. I'm going to try not to let that happen this time.

I forget are you using a plan or something you made up based on other plans/tips you've learned about.

Bikermom said...

Awesome Karen! You sound like me last year but now have baby number nine in arms. Having lost 30 pounds between 8 and 9 I still fit in my medium shirts so may purge the larges! More space in the closet feels great doesn't it?

MaryLu said...

Congrats on the weight loss. That's always been a challenge for me.
I've recently stumbled onto your blog from IndianaJane. I'm a 43 yr old mom of 6, 20 year old Christian, 2 yr old baby Lutheran and recently committed homeschool mom. I haven't decided yet if I need to be committed, or if I'm just committed to schooling my kids.
I've been reading lots from other moms who juggle it all. We'll see how I do.
Looking forward to getting to "know" you on your blog.

Karen said...

Thanks everyone for your support.

Barb: I'm using the Medical Weight Loss diet plan. I got the information from my friend, but am not using the clinic. It's high protein, good carbs, very low fat. The food isn't exciting, but the results are motivating.

Glenda: Keep up the good work! I struggled on finding something that worked for me. A friend mentioned that I'm an "all or nothing" person. If I have limited choices, I do much better than if every meal is another decision.

Bikermom: Welcome! Purge those shirts. It feels so good to get rid of clothing that is too big.

MaryLu: Welcome! Our children appear to have a similar age range.

We have always committed ourselves to one year of homeschooling at a time. Fifteen years later, we're still homeschooling for one more year.:) I felt less pressure to push my kids to excel in every subject (so they would be ahead of their peers) and was able to enjoy teaching the children.

Congratulations on your decision to homeschool. Enjoy the experience.