Friday, September 3, 2010

Doctor, Dentist, and Surgeon

The last week has been spent in waiting rooms. Monday, our family had 6 dental appointments and 1 doctor appointment. The dental appointments were all for cleanings and only 2 cavities were discovered. Katie had a doctor appointment on Monday for her weight loss. She was down to 94 pounds and I was concerned. The doctor ordered several tests for her thyroid, blood sugar and iron count. The results won't be in for another week or two.

Tuesday, my mom had her second cataract surgery. The surgery went well and she is seeing much better. She was surprised at how bad her eye sight had been. I'm so thankful that everything went well and that she will be able to drive again.

Wednesday, Katie had a small cavity filled.

Thursday, Allie had an upset stomach and a night of vomiting.

Next week, Joe will go to the dentist for his 6 month cleaning and then we are through with the dentist for 6 months. I still need to get appointments for the children to get their annual physical.


MaryAnn said...

Way to go Karen! Awesome job on the exercise and weight loss, your my hero!

Karen said...

Thanks MaryAnn. It's boring, but needed.