Sunday, September 5, 2010

It's A Letterboxing Weekend!

Friday evening, I decided to look for possible letterboxing locations for the children and I to do next week. Imagine the surprise when I realized that 3 letterboxes were a short distance from our home! After asking who wanted to go letterboxing, Joe and I headed off in search of boxes. We located all three boxes (one was found after dark and in the rain) and returned home to show off our new stamps. The party-poopers, I mean non-letterboxing children, were surprised to learn how close we live to the new boxes. They all wanted to return to the locations so that THEY could collect the stamps. Due to darkness, cold, and rain, I wouldn't let them, so we will do them again one day next week.

Saturday morning, everyone loaded up into the van and headed off to a nearby town to locate some more letterboxes. Our first stop was a covered bridge. The letterbox directions made me uncomfortable about getting these off the bridge. Fortunately, my nerves were unnecessary. The collection went well and we received three certificates for being the "first finders" of these boxes.

We continued on our way into the town and located 6 other boxes. Kate and Steve were a little bored and refused to leave the car for most of the finds. They did get out at one park and enjoyed viewing the scenery and stretching their legs. By 2:00 pm, the children wanted to head home and play with their friends. So I graciously allowed our letterboxing to end for the day.

As I was logging in our finds, I received a message from one of the letterbox planters. The same two ladies planted all the boxes that we found this weekend. She mentioned that she had been off planting 5 more boxes. Guess what we did today? We returned to the nearby small town and collected 5 more boxes. One box was in a cemetery and contained a scream box, which made Paige and Allie laugh. Another letterbox was located in a small park that adjoins a lake. The park contains a small beach, picnic pavilion, wooden docks and a small playground. I plan to return to this little gem of a park once school starts. We can do some of our school at the pavilion, while the younger two girls play.

Mike called me after he completed work and offered to take me letterboxing this evening. I let him off the hook, but made a date to do some searching on Tuesday, after we complete our school work.

Letterboxing has been a great way for us to get to know our area better!

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