Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lost Items

We spent a lot of time preparing for the upcoming school-year during the summer months. Storage ideas were determined, bookcases were sorted out, and school supplies were located. The children's lesson plans were written up in a planner, to give me a game plan to follow. We were trying to get off to a great start to a highly successful school year.

During the first day, I realized that the expensive chemistry textbook and Madelyn's math book were missing. Hours were spent searching for the items. Eventually, Madelyn's math book was located in Joseph's closet. The search continued for the elusive chemistry book.

Yesterday, Madelyn discovered the chemistry book. It was in the basement, where someone had tossed it into a box of stray items. It must have happened during a mad dash to clear surfaces when an unexpected visitor showed up at our door, when closets were being organized.

While I was cleaning out the closets, a box of jewelry making tools and supplies were discovered. Several years ago, the children did several 4-H projects in the jewelry making area. I no longer make jewelry and had planned to sell the tools and remaining supplies in a garage sale.

Amy began making jewelry on Monday. She isn't in the mood to knit and wanted to do something crafty. I offered to give her all my jewelry making stuff, which she happily accepted. We can't find the jewelry-making box. We've been tearing up the house looking for this box and are stumped.

I realize that this all sounds like I'm really disorganized. In reality our home is usually fairly clean and things are put away (except the kids school cupboard, which has stacks of papers and pencils.) The problem may be that I'm still looking for the perfect places to put everything. But, I really don't think that that is the problem. Gremlins are entering my home after we go to bed and hiding our stuff. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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