Thursday, September 30, 2010

Letter Boxing

The weather has been so nice lately, that we've been outside a lot. We've headed out to some of our favorite hiking trails after the kids finish school. Several days, the kids and I have managed to do some letter boxing in the afternoon before Katie comes home from school. Mike has been wonderful about going for walks and searching for letterboxes when he has an evening or day off from work.

Joe and I located three boxes on Wednesday, while Madelyn was at her writing class in Kalamazoo. The boxes were along some of the bike paths throughout the city. Joe is such a good sport about rooting around in the underbrush and in swampy muck. We had a good time on Wednesday and he discovered an unbroken umbrella that someone had lost. He also picked up some more bottles to add to his old bottle collection, which will soon require another shelf for his growing collection.

Mike and I have been searching for one box a couple of times. I love the walk through the forest, so the extra searching has been enjoyable. We decided that this box is no longer available, but will probably continue hiking in this park. The kids would probably enjoy this park.

Tomorrow, Mike is taking me to the Grand Rapids area to spend the day searching for more boxes. The weather is supposed to be beautiful. I'm also supposed to go on Saturday, with a good friend. She wants to get an early start. Tonight I learned that the temperature is going to be 34 degrees at daybreak. It should be a cold start to our day! At least I'll be getting plenty of exercise.

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