Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Results of Being Protected

Mike got a really large bonus this month. When the deposit was made, so we replaced our dryer, purchased shoes for all the kids, stocked up on groceries and filled the large freezer, and purchased me a new laptop on the same day. Let's just state that we wrote a lot of really large checks within a couple of hours.

Due to the number and amounts of the checks, our credit union placed a hold on our checking account, until we could call the office and confirm that we had actually written all the checks. I understand the need for confirmation on unusual transactions on an account, but the bank should be open to allow verifications after 5:00 pm. It's embarrassing when a check is declined. People who are waiting for their turn at the register STARE at the supposed dead-beats. Us non-deadbeats wanted the floor to rise up and hide us from the smug eyes that followed us out of the store to our parked car.

I returned the next morning with cash in hand to purchase the new laptop, but didn't feel vindicated. Yes, the store manager realized that I wasn't trying to steal a computer, but all the other customers still think I bounce checks.

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