Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mom Update

My mom had her first chemotherapy session yesterday. It didn't go well. She had an allergic reaction to the drugs and ended up staying hours longer than originally planned. She is very out-of-it and couldn't speak coherently last night when
I spoke with her on the phone. The doctor plans on giving her a second dose of the chemotherapy drugs today. Amy may need to go up to Lansing to stay with my mom after the chemo session. We won't know until later this morning, if she needs to go. Everything is up in the air and I'm not getting very good information.


Melinda said...

Oh my Karen I'm sorry to hear that about your mom. I hope they figure it out so that she doesn't have another reaction. Bless Amy's heart for wanting to help her Grandma.

Dad & I just got back from radiation, his chemo was yesterday. He is wiped out tired. That treatment is tough.

I am still praying....


FairyLover said...

Your mom and Melinda's dad will be in my thoughts. One year ago this week I had my last chemo treatment. So I totally understand how exhausting it can be. I hope they both do well.

Karen said...

Melinda: Thanks for letting me know how your dad is doing. He has been on my mind a lot lately.

Mom came home today from my brother's house. She is still on steroids, which seems to be making her feel stronger.

FairyLover: Thanks for the prayers. I'm glad that your chemotherapy was successful. Chemo is so draining physically. My mom spent the last year thinking that she would get more energy back, but it was not to be. I hope that you continue to be healthy.