Saturday, October 9, 2010

School Days

Some of the kids goofed off a lot this last week and consequently had tons of make up work to do on Friday. The weather was beautiful, but I remained hardened to their pleas for time in the sunshine and fresh air. The kids did a great job, so I'm letting them complete the rest of their make-up work over the weekend.

I think that I've reached a point where I no longer enjoy homeschooling. Too much nagging and constantly trying to get caught up on house work or school work is wearing me down. It seems almost impossible to have a good school day, a clean house, and a healthy meal for supper in the same day. Due to my work-out schedule, there is one less hour each day to devote to the family's needs. My daily exercise is not something that I can set aside. There have been too many years of not taking care of myself in the past.

At various points in our homeschooling past, we have tried different chore charts and schedules to get everything accomplished. I haven't quite found the right way to organize my time and tasks. Until then, we will continue to muddle through, one day at a time.


FairyLover said...

I really feel like I need to offer some great words of wisdom. But I can't think of any. When I get to feeling like you are, that's when I threaten school. "If you don't want to learn from me you can just go to school. See how you like that." Of course I'm not really going to send him to school. Taking the time to take care of yourself is absolutely the most important thing you can do for your family. Maybe declare a school vacation for a few days. Then you'll be better able to hit things head on again. Best wishes to you.


Barb the Evil Genius said...

Well, I think you know that we ended up sending our two to school. They love it, and they're so much better about doing their work than they were while I homeschooled. Maybe you need to re-evaluate why exactly you are homeschooling and see if your reasons are still valid.