Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Slug Bug Revisited or Car Rides with Kids

When I was growing up it was common for my siblings and I to hit each other, while shouting "Slug Bug!" whenever we spotted a Volkswagon Beetle. We also tried to get semi trucks to blow their horns by pumping our arms up and down vigorously when we were in front of a semi truck. My children are not so easily entertained.

After viewing the recent Volkswagon commercials, my boys are hitting people when they spot ANY VW on the road. Madelyn learned about hitting people when P.T. Cruisers are spotted. She shouts, "P.T. Cruiser Bruiser. No hit backs!" Joe prefers to hit people for the "Hummer Bummer."

The kids are pretty good about not hitting the youngest girls or adults, but Madelyn, Joe, and Steve are getting Katie and Amy a lot. Today, Amy introduced her own game. She shouts, "Jeep Beep!" and pushes gently on someone's nose. Amy got Madelyn 5 times on the way to Walmart today, much to Madelyn's chagrin. Paybacks are sweet!

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