Thursday, November 11, 2010

Unexpected Date Night

Mike won two tickets to My One and Only while listening to the radio in his car. Aren't cell phones great? The tickets were for the show on 11/10, at 8:00pm. Mike had to work yesterday, but we decided to meet up at where he works and we would leave immediately for the venue. The time would be a little tight, but it would work out.

While I was getting ready to leave yesterday, the phone rang. Mike had left work, so that we could drive up together and I wouldn't have to drive home in the dark alone. My night vision is still terrible.

We left the house together as soon as he arrived home. During the drive, we caught up on each other's day and talked about the show. The musical's venue was on campus at my former university in a theater that was built after I left. We reached the university and began to look for the theater. After checking the time on the car radio, we discovered that the show would begin in 15 minutes.

The address for the theater was on W. Michigan. We drove down the road and reached a huge construction site which closed the road. It was dark and reading signs on buildings was difficult. Panic was beginning to set in for both of us. We finally decided to head over to the main theater and see if there were signs directing visitors to the theater we needed.

The new building next to the main theater was the one we had been searching for frantically. The van was parked quickly and we raced to the theater. It was dark. The box office was not open. Mike (the brave) continued wandering through the building until we finally discovered the theater. He quietly opened the theater doors and discovered a rehearsal in progress. Were we on the wrong day? In the wrong area?

Mike asked a girl who was seated on a nearby bench. She wasn't sure but she thought that the show began 8:00. Mike looked at me with a bewildered expression, as I checked the clock on my cell phone which said 6:58 p.m. Arrrrrrrrrg! The clock in the car is still set for daylight savings time! I hadn't changed it because I wasn't sure how to do it. I think Mike will handle that for me later today.

The show was really good. We loved hearing all the Rogers and Hammerstein songs. The dancing and correography was fabulous. There were two other shows that we are going to try and get to later this year. Especially, Wicked which is coming later this winter.

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