Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gainful Employment for Amy

Amy was hired as a seasonal employee for Campus Den. Hurray! The job will only last 1 month, but there is the possibility of being hired after Christmas in a permanent position. She was so happy to get anything right now.

Yesterday, she received a phone call from a community college for an interview in the school library. It's a part time position, but would last through the school year. Amy would love working in a library again. I'm praying that she gets the job and is able to get more permanent work at Campus Den after Christmas. Two part-time jobs would be better than one part-time job.


Barb the Evil Genius said...

I feel an un-Christian vindictiveness that all the young kids who voted for our current president are finding out that Elections Have Consequences. I am sorry that good kids like your daughter have to suffer also. I hope things work out for her.

Bikermom said...

Yay Amy! Hope that works out for her. I like your exercise record. I should put a record of which days I manage not to eat ice cream. My new blog is . You don't have to switch it but just thought I would let you know. the old one is Karins Chickens.

Karen said...

Barb: It would be great if they realized the consequences of their election choices, but I think that most of them believe that their choices have the right idea. They think that not enough of their candidates policies were implemented.

Bikermom: THANKS for letting me know where you went. I missed reading your blog and thought that you no longer blogged. You made my whole day!