Thursday, November 18, 2010

Another Adult in the House

My second daughter turned 18 today. It seems such a short time ago that she was born. We had planned to crown her birthday celebrations with a trip to the midnight showing of the Deathly Hallows, just like we did last year. Unfortunately, our small town theater is not showing the movie at 12:01am. Driving is still very difficult for me at night and snow is forecast, so I decided that we would watch the 6th movie at home and then attend the 11:30am show tomorrow.

I had previously promised to take everyone to the midnight show. Everyone agreed to the morning show and then I realized that Kate has school during the day. Because I am the ultimate "cool" mom, Kate will be home from school tomorrow for a family event. Harry Potter movies are a family EVENT at our house. This is an regular tradition and she shouldn't miss this experience.

Today's mail also brought a "present" for Mike and me. Our insurance premiums went up 500/year because Kate is now listed as an occasional, not primary driver. I'm almost afraid to see what's going to happen in the spring when we have 2 teen drivers, one young adult and 2 middle-aged drivers. It might be time to shop around for better rates.

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