Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas is Almost Here

It's official. Christmas is almost upon us. I know because years of experience have taught me that when one of my children gets sick, the holiday season has arrived. Paige came down with a fever last Saturday. She didn't have any other symptoms, but her temperature did get quite high for several days (around 104.6.) The fever became much lower on Thursday, so I thought she was recovering. Today, she complained of a sore throat and still has a temperature around 101.5. We took her to the doctor and she has strep throat.

At some point she will probably need to get her tonsils out, but the antibiotics should make her better fairly soon. I wonder who will begin the second round of medicine. Our normal family pattern is to take an illness and pass it slowly through each child, finally ending with mom and dad in bed for several days. Pass the throat drops and Merry Christmas.

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