Thursday, December 9, 2010

Another Dare Devil in the Family

Stephen and Alison have been the children who make my heart pound. Allie climbs huge trees, dives into deep water, and has little physical fear. She is shy around strangers, but loves to challenge herself with stunts. Steve has a great sense of balance and I refuse to watch him do tricks. He makes me nervous. He rarely gets hurt and manages to do amazing feats.

Yesterday, Madelyn decided to join their Dare Devil Club. One of Steve's friends came by to go snowboarding, but Steve wasn't available. The friend asked Madelyn if she would like to go instead. She came home stiff and sore from doing 5' jumps off a cement wall on her snowboard. Madelyn was a pretty good sport about her aches and pains. The following afternoon, the friend returned to go snowboarding with my kids. Madelyn went to try more tricks. When she returned home, her face was badly scratched in two places. She landed the 5' jump, but the snowboard slipped out from under her and cut her face. Poor kid. I'm hoping that she doesn't end up with scars across her check and forehead.

At some point I'm going to have to get brave and watch the kids do their tricks, but I'll wait until I'm feeling brave.

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Melinda said...

Don't look it will give you nightmares :)