Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Sewing

I managed to get quite a bit of sewing accomplished over the weekend. One of the projects was so successful that I'm planning on making several of them after Christmas for other members of the family. The project idea came from an Internet site. I added a couple of pockets and other features that will meet the recipient's needs better than the listed instructions. Isn't the Internet great? What a blessing for Christmas ideas!

Allie has a birthday on Monday. My youngest two girls wear the same size and have tons of clothes. Unfortunately the two girls do not share the same taste in clothing styles. Paige loves dresses or jeans. Allie likes dresses or slacks without zippers. She hates jeans. I was able to whip up several skirts and pairs of slacks for her big day. Time ran out to make shirts to accompany her new duds, so I'll probably run to Kohl's Friday to complete her new outfits.

My mom gave me some quilted fabric that she didn't want any longer. I used the black quilted fabric to make curtains for Katie's bedroom. She is so cold all the time, that I thought the quilted fabric might help keep her warm. Black wouldn't have been my color of choice, but her room is acid green and black, so the curtains fit in well. I trimmed the curtains is neon-striped ribbon. They turned out cute. Katie and Amy like them, so my job is done. ;)

I'll post pictures of the sewing projects after the holidays. Too many of my children are reading my blog regularly, so it's no longer possible to discuss Christmas projects in detail.


Melinda said...

I can't wait to see the pictures. Don't forget to show Katie's cool new curtains!

Martha said...

Hi, I saw your blog line on Loopers, so I thought I would hop over and check it out.