Monday, December 6, 2010

Scary Situation

A week ago, Mike mentioned that he thought the brakes on my van weren't working too well. I knew about the brakes and had told him, but he's been busy and forgot to check on them. Mike worked on them over the weekend and thought that the situation was resolved.

Paige is ill again today and I needed to head to the store for a few items. Snow was falling quite steadily, but the store isn't too far away. I managed to make all the lights on green, so I didn't need to stop until I was pulling into a parking spot at Walmart. I pressed down on the brake pedal, which went all the way to the floor. Unfortunately, the car didn't stop. The was a car parked in the space in front of the space I planned on using. It required some fancy turning (and sliding) to miss the parked vehicle. I finally got us stopped and them pumped on the brakes a few times. The brakes were catching again.

After picking up the few item I needed, I drove home......very slowly. Sometimes the brakes worked and sometimes they didn't. We'll be staying home until the brakes are REALLY fixed this time.


Melinda said...

That is seriously scarey on a clear day let alone a snowy one! I'm glad you all got home safely.

Melrose said...

that is really horribly scary. Once when I was a kid the breaks on my mom's car went out, completely out, with just us two in the car. We were on a main busy road so we just kept driving until the car naturally slowed and then she pulled into a parking lot and I think pulled the emergency break. Glad you're ok.