Thursday, January 13, 2011

Busy, Busy , Busy

Amy's dependable car finally decided that it was time to give up. Mike took a look at it and replaced one of the motor mounts. It still needs another mount replaced, some exhaust system work, and something that it making the engine chug. The car will have to be towed 30 miles to get an estimate. Amy is leaning towards simply replacing her car when she gets some money saved. We are loaning her a car for work, which is causing some scheduling problems.

A few weeks ago, Amy learned that she is being kept as a permanent employee. She was hired as seasonal Christmas help, so this was good news. She also received a small raise and is opening the store several times each week.

Robotics season started last Saturday. Joe, Steve, and Kate went to the Kick Off and learned what the game for the season entails. The game looks challenging, but something that the team should be able to handle without too many problems.

Although robotics is worthwhile and a wonderful learning experience for the children, driving them 40 minutes away several times each week is a huge challenge right now.

Mike and Amy both work in the same area as where the robotics team meets. Unfortunately, no one's schedule coordinates with anyone else's. Usually Mike and Amy drive there about 30 minutes apart in the morning. Amy comes home 7 hours earlier that Mike. As soon as Amy gets home, I take the children who need to go to robotics. We leave robotics approximately 1/2 an hour before Mike gets out of work. He usually get home 15 minutes after I arrive. It seems so wasteful to drive over there 3 times a day, but I can't figure out a way to combine those trips.

Choir has started back up. We still aren't sure if we will be joining this church, but Mike told me to continue singing with the choir. Joe has had to drop out of choir because of robotics, but Amy still goes with me.

School is rewarding right now. Everyone is working diligently and accomplishing a great deal. I'm incorporating more fun in our studies and the children are responding. Yesterday a book that I had ordered through inter-library loan arrived. We spent some time looking through art books discussing the symbolism in each painting. One of our best lessons this year. Steve and Madelyn did a great job of researching and making their presentation, but Joe stole the show. As soon as he finished his presentation, Steve said the he was a show off. It wasn't said meanly, it was more of a "your presentation was a LOT better than ours" statement. I love it when the children let each other know that they had accelled. It just isn't as meaningful when mom tells them.

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