Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Embracing my Non-Artistic Side

Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice

Some of my siblings are artistic in a visual way. Not me! I tended to get the musical artistic gene, but completely skipped the drawing, painting, sculpting gene. Recently though, I have decided to try to improve my non-exesistent skill. Carving rubber stamps seemed to fit my letterboxing obsession, so off to the craft store for supplies.

After getting the carving tips, carving medium, and watching several online instruction videos, I began to create. The first stamp was a skateboard which was really bad. So bad, that it will be pulled from the current letterbox location when warmer weather returns and replaced with a better carving. I'm still searching for my own style as a carver, but the journey has been fun.

The children think that I'm a little obsessed with carving images on rubber, but the creative outlet has been rewarding. My skills are improving and so is my confidence. This is a carving that was completed today. It took too many hours, and has a number of mistakes, but I'm not ashamed to acknowledge that it is my work.

My younger four children have also been bitten by the stamp carving bug. Madelyn recently completed a fabulous turtle. Joe has great carving skills and draws very detailed images. Paige and Allie are enjoying drawing and carving their pictures. They ask to carve almost everyday, but the medium gets expensive fairly quickly. They started using large erasers, but I've been letting them use carving medium lately. It may be time to have them do more carving on erasers again and save the expensive materials for special projects.

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