Wednesday, March 2, 2011


My second child, Katie will be heading off to college next year. She's not sure what path she wants to take academically. In January, I reminded her that she needed to get the FAFSA filled out asap. Mike and I filed our taxes the first week in January, so all our information was available. Katie is 18 and we try to make our adult children handle as many personal responsibilities as possible, like making doctor appointments, filling out paper work, etc.

Yesterday evening, Amy checked the date that FAFSA was due and discovered that it needed to be turned in by midnight. Guess how I spent my evening? It really wasn't too bad. We were able to pull most of the information from our tax return, so it went fairly quickly.

When Amy was getting ready to attend college, I told her to fill out the college financial aid forms and she kept putting it off, even with frequent nagging. She ended up delaying college for one year, because she didn't get them turned in by the deadline. Making deadlines has never been a problem for her since then!

I rescued Katie this time, but won't do it again. Learning to be responsible and meet deadlines is a tough lesson.


MaryAnn said...

We just barely got ours in also. But it was the other adult in the house that slowed things down! Whew!

Karen said...

Glad that you made the deadline! It makes such a huge differences on the cost of college. What are Christopher's plans?

MaryAnn said...

Mech. Engineering at KVCC then transfer to Western. How about Katie?