Thursday, March 3, 2011

Empty House

Katie, Steve, and Joe have left for their first First Robotics competition today. They are headed to Travers City for three days. We spent the morning running around getting the last minute laundry completed, making 2 trips to Walmart for contact lens solution, and new sneakers, and picking Kaitlyn up from school.

Katie had to attend school today because it was the last day of her testing. One nice thing about the school testing is that she was able to get her SAT and ACT tests without having to fork up the money for the tests. She wasn't too happy with how the science portions went, but I'm sure that she did fine.

Madelyn, Paige, Allie, and I will be spending the quieter time completing a fairy house and making some fairy clothing. The younger two girls also want to do a little letter boxing, but the weather reports aren't very favorable to long walks in the woods.

I always miss the older children when they are gone, but relish the extra time with the younger girls. All to often, the little girls are made to wait while I run someone to another activity or complete a math lesson. In some respects, they miss out on some of the best parts of homeschooling because the older children need transportation.

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