Thursday, March 3, 2011

Teaching Math

Yesterday, Paige decided to help Allie with her math lesson. Paige is 7 and in second grade; Allie turned 6 in December and is in k/1st grade. I was folding clothes and overheard their discussion. It went something like this:

"First we need to count the dimes. Start counting."
"How much are dimes worth?"
"Ten cents. Hurry up. You know how to do this!" (exasperation in voice)
"10,20. What's this one called?"
"Come on!!! You know what the bigger one is called. What comes next?"
"Stop horsing around! What comes after 20 when you have a nickle?"
"Okay, remember count my fingers" (holds up 5 fingers)
"25. It's 25."
"Good job. I knew that you could do it!" (said in sickly sweet, high-pitched voice)

They finished the entire lesson and then came to tell me all about their experience. Allie thought that Paige was the nicest teacher ever. Today, Paige informed me that she was getting her math done really early, so she could teach Allie again. Allie was thrilled! Maybe I need to show less patience, but speak in a phony voice during our next lesson.

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Martha said...

Sounds very similar to comments I have overheard between my 6 and 9 year olds! Except my 6 year old gets very impatient with big sister and stops trying.