Friday, April 8, 2011


About 3 weeks ago, I started nagging encouraging Katie and Steve to get out and find a job. Even a paper route would make me happy. Both of them want to purchase a car and should be socking away money for college.

Before we moved, Steve had delivered papers for 5 years and Katie had two part time jobs. They were disappointed that they had to quit their jobs. The economy was so bad that there were no jobs available for high school students in the area. Even the added flexibility of homeschooling didn't help them. (I have always let the kids do their schoolwork around a work schedule during high school, as long as the students' grades remained high.)

Two weeks ago, Amy came home from one of her jobs and stated that she HAD to get out of there. It's a depressing place to work and she is miserable working there. She made a plan to get a different job by the end of the month. Suddenly the three oldest children were running around town filling out applications. All three of them have had interviews. Katie got a job at Dairy Queen that begins on Monday. She's so excited. Amy has a job offer that begins June 1. She also has a second interview scheduled with another company. The second interview is with the district manager. Steve should hear back within the next 10 days. It would be so wonderful if they are had gainful employment soon.

Now if Madelyn could just get a paper route.


Barb the Evil Genius said...

Is babysitting an option? Now that I think about it, I don't know that kids have been doing paper routes in this area for a long time. I'd have to check on that, however.

Karen said...

We don't have many connections in the area for babysitting. All the families we know have older children who watch the younger children when needed. Thanks for the suggestion though, we'll keep our eyes open for babysitting possibilities.

In Battle Creek, the kids delivered the weekly free newspaper that had lots of advertising and wanted ads. It was nice delivering on one day, but they worked for about 4 hours on the single day. Here the daily paper is delivered by car routes and paper carriers. It only takes about 20 minutes each afternoon. The paper isn't published on Sundays which is wonderful.