Friday, April 8, 2011

FIRST Robotics Michigan State Championship

Katie, Steve and Joe left on Wednesday for the Michigan Robotics Championship. This is the first time that the team has gone to state finals, which are by invitation to higher ranking teams throughout the state. Yesterday was the first day of qualifying matches. The kids' team, Strykeforce won the 4/5 matches. After the Niles competition, some other teams helped our team with programing the autonomous mode. The Strykeforce autonomous mode is now working and the arm for hanging tubes works more consistently. One of our mentors helped create a smaller minibot that is faster.

The matches were available over the internet through webstreaming. We really enjoyed watching the matches. Some of the Detroit area teams are formidable. At the end of one day's competition, Strykefore is ranked 5 out of 67 teams.

I communicated with Katie through texting last night. She said that everyone is having a great time and really enjoying the competition. It's a great experience, but very time consuming. I'll enjoy the extra time when the season ends.

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Karen said...

They are currently 26th our of 64 teams. Not bad for our team's first trip to state competition!