Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Paige Turns Eight!

Paige turned 8 years old last Friday. This was her golden birthday, the year that her age is the same as the day of month on which she was born. She has been so excited about this birthday and has talked about it for months. Three of her siblings were away from home on Paige's big day. Mike and I decided to do some special things because there were fewer family members around.

After Paige woke up and enjoyed a delicious breakfast of home-made waffles, she received her big present. We gave her a new 20" bike. It's a little bit big for her, but she wanted a bike that "didn't look like a little kid bike." It was raining outside, so she took it for a spin through the main floor of the house. Then we headed off to Jungle Joe's bounce area for a couple of hours. The three youngest girls had a blast playing on all the inflatable climbing rides.

After Jungle Joe's, we drove back home to Paige's specially selected lunch of chicken patty sandwiches, veggies, and potato chips. Paige opened up the rest of her gifts in the afternoon and we all watched Tangled and snacked on popcorn.

Madelyn and Amy made Paige a pinata and filled it with candy and trinkets. The girls giggled so much when they were trying to break it open. It was a joy to hear their laughter. Madelyn, being the oldest held the pinata up in the air while the younger two girls struck it with a plastic tube. I was so proud of the girls when they divided up the prizes fairly equally.

Katie, Steve, and Joe called Paige on the phone to wish her a happy birthday. Paige doesn't get many phone calls, so she was thrilled to get so many calls in one evening!

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