Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

When I was in my teens, Diana and Prince Charles were married. My mom and I got up early in the morning and watched the wedding. We enjoyed the pomp and circumstance associated with a royal wedding. My family really weren't to interested in the British royalty or royalty in general, but the wedding captured most of the world's attention.

Many years later, my children and I woke up early in the morning to watch Prince William and Kate Middleton wed. I cancelled school for the day, because I knew that everyone would be exhausted by lunch time. In honor of the event, I made Currant Scones and tea for us to eat for breakfast. The scones were a huge success. The tea was less successful, especially for my youngest two children.

My boys surprised me with their questions and attentiveness during the ceremony. I realize that they only watched it to humor me. Paige and Allie thought that the flowers, musicians, wedding finery and carriages were exciting. Paige even colored a picture of a princess riding in a carriage after breakfast.

We had much conversation about the various hats that were worn by various people. After careful consideration, we decided that Princess Eugenie (in beige) had the worst hat with her sister Princess Beatrice a close second.

It was a fun morning and a great way to include some British culture and history into our school year.

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Melrose said...

lol!!! That had was absolutely awful. :) You wonder if they look in the mirror and actually think it's beautiful...