Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dieting Again

Easter has come and gone with all the chocolate temptations for dieters. I chose to NOT diet or restrict myself during the last 2-3 weeks, because it's easy for me to feel that I'm always on a diet. After getting on the scale again on Tuesday, it was time to get back to my diet plan. The plan that my friend taught me has worked quite well and I didn't gain back weight when I stopped following the plan, so it seemed smart to return to that plan.

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent doing THE CLEANSE. My boys and Madelyn love to razz me when I rid my body of carbs. My emotions tend to be a little closer to the surface than normal during this faze of the diet. The last time I did THE CLEANSE, every time I asked someone to focus on their studies or pay attention, it was blamed on THE CLEANSE. This time I didn't tell anyone that I had began the diet again, so the kids missed out on their opportunity to tease me.

I've set a fairly high goal for the first month, mainly because my sister is getting married in 1 month. I won't punish myself if I don't hit the goal, but it's good for me to aim high.

A friend introduced me to an on-line weight loss tool that allows me to keep a food and exercise journal. The tool is extremely helpful because it lets me see if my daily nutritional needs are being met. After completing all of my food intake today, I checked the number of calories. It was surprising to see that My total caloric intake was 969 for the day. I followed the diet plan fully and didn't leave out any foods. No wonder this plan works so well!

The prescribed food is based on low fat meat, lots of vegetables and fruits, and no cheese. Everyone knows that fruit and vegetables are low in calories, but I never considered what a huge difference in that the number of vegetables instead of brown rice or pasta can make. I'll have to keep that in mind when I reach my goal.

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