Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cleaning and Organizing

WhooHoo! I completely emptied out the school armoire and found new locations for the school supplies. There were also 4 small bags of papers, empty glue bottles, died up markers and crayon nubs that were pitched into the trash can. Now, what would a person with four boxes of material stacked in her bedroom do with an empty armoire? Four drawers were used for material and some crafting supplies. The two huge shelves were filled with piles of cottons to be used for some summer shirts, skirts, and quilting.

There is nothing like organized supplies to encourage a new project. I can hardly wait until Kate's open house is done, so that there will be time to do some serious sewing. There are several projects that came to mind while I sorted out the various prints. It would be wonderful to make a few new summer shirts for me this year. Most of last year's summer wear is too large and I don't want to invest in new clothes from a store. Paige and Allie would like some new summer nightgowns. Both of the girls have grown so much this year that their nightgowns are much too short. Mike and the boys could use a few pairs of summer weight lounge pants.

None of these projects are involved, so I'm hopeful that they can all get completed in a few weeks. What will I do with the extra space after I use up the fabrics? Hmmm. The possibilities are endless.

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