Saturday, June 4, 2011


Katie graduated Friday night. The ceremony was......memorable. There was the normal entry of the seniors to Pomp and Circumstance. As the last 10-12 seniors entered, it became obvious that there were not enough seats for the senior class. The band continued to play and the remaining seniors were left standing in the aisle. Everyone was looking around for someone to do something. Finally, the band director began to get some chairs from a supply closet. A few other faculty members helped set up chairs as the band continued to play. Eventually, everyone was seated.

The class officers gave speeches and then the new principal gave a small talk. Her first comment was that the seniors must have played a prank, so that there were not enough chairs. The class began to line up row by row to get their diplomas. We weren't able to get very good pictures, due to our nose-bleed seats. As the last few students approached to get their certificates, one goofy class member acted as if he wouldn't shake hands with the superintendent. After his silliness in the receiving line, he was supposed to walk down a few steps and join him classmates. He tripped and fell down the stairs. The entire audience gasped and the young man remained lying on the floor for a few seconds. Then, he bounced to his feet, arms in the air to huge applause. I'm not sure if his fell on purpose or on accident, but he certainly made a memorable evening.

We were able to get some photos of Katie after the ceremony

Katie and her siblings, except Amy who had to work.
Katie, her boyfriend Woody and her siblings.

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