Sunday, May 29, 2011

Home Repair Update

Katie's graduation open house is next Sunday afternoon. We have rented a picnic pavilion at a nearby park to hold the event, but won't be surprised if some of our extended family decide to stop by the house to visit before or after the event. Mike and I have been using the open house as an incentive to complete some of the smaller projects that weren't competed last year during our major renovations.

We had a few problems with the toilet paper spindle. Someone was using the toilet paper holder as an arm rest. The holder was reinstalled twice in slightly different locations before the culprit stopped accidentally pulling it off the wall. We were left with some unsightly holes. A few months ago, the holes were filled in and the multiple layers of sealer dried and were sanded. Repainting the bathroom wasn't high on my priority list, so we had beige walls with white patches for several months. Last week, Mike found some paint that matched the downstairs bathroom. I spent Tuesday morning repainting the entire bathroom. It looks really nice. Beige isn't my favorite color, but it is lovely to have walls that are all one color again.

When Mike replaced all the dry wall in the family room, he never got around to putting the trim around the sliding glass doors or the windows. We had purchased, stained and varnished the wood, but it rested on the floor behind chairs and couches for the last year. While I was painting the bathroom, Mike installed the window trim. It looks beautiful! I love the finished look and the missing boards on the carpet.

If there is time, I'd like to get the stairway repainted. There is paneling on the walls and I put 3 coats of primer and paint on the paneling as far as I could reach. The top portion still needs to be finished. With my tremendous fear of heights, the remainder of the painting needs to be done by someone else. I won't be too upset if it isn't done before the party, but I'd really like it to be done by the end of June. Mike has some outside projects that he wants to complete, so the hall will probably wait a few months longer. Still, it's wonderful to see some of the smaller things get finished.

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Bikermom said...

Go Karen go! Sounds like we are about the same mission. Have fun with it and we all can enjoy the rest of the summer with it all behind us. Paint on!