Friday, May 6, 2011

Two Working Vehicles!

Mike was able to fix his car yesterday, so we now have two vehicles! Hurray. Amy is checking the newspaper and Craigslist frantically. Hopefully, she will be able to find a car soon. I know she would love to be able to have her own set of wheels again. It's been difficult on her since her car broke down. Mike inspected her old car to see if it was worth fixing. It's not. The repairs would be more expensive than the value of her car.

Life should begin to be a little less hectic now that we aren't all sharing one car.
I told Mike that we need to make decisions about the two non-working cars in our driveway. The weather is changing and we will be outside more often. Who wants to look at old cars? Another consideration is that we don't have any more room to park cars. When Amy and Katie purchase their vehicles, they have no where to park them. Curbside parking is not allowed after 3 a.m.

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