Thursday, May 5, 2011

Draft for a New Tax on Driving

My cousin sent me a link to an article about a proposal to start charging a tax on each mile that a person drives. Cars would have a tracker installed that would be used to determine the amount of miles driven. The tax could possibly be collected at gas stations. The reasoning behind this tax is to make people who drive the most pay higher taxes for road repairs. Isn't part of the gasoline tax supposed to pay for roads? Aren't people who drive more spending more money on gas and therefore paying more in gas taxes?

The proposal appears to more of the same tax and spend policy and more of the government knows best mind-set, trying to use taxation to change behavior. In actuality it's a tax increase in the gas tax, but the government is trying to call it fees or some other new name.

Many US citizens do not live where public transportation is available. There are no easy buses or trains connecting small towns to the larger cities where many people work. In smaller towns, it is necessary to drive long distances for doctors, hospitals, and shopping. The journey to the large city is necessary and not something that can be eliminated.

My family drives quite a bit. Our small town doesn't have enough jobs to support the local population. Many citizens drive 30 minutes to the larger city to our north. Two of my family members work in that city. We spend more on gas that we do on heat, water, electricity, home owners and car insurance. It is almost as expensive as feeding our family of 9 people.

My mom lives off of her Social Security. She needs to drive 20-25 minutes on the highway to reach the grocery store, her doctor, and her church. The cost of gasoline is cutting in on her ability to live in her own home. The proposed driving tax would cut into her food budget.

My brother in law lost his job 2 years ago. He is not driving 1 hour each way for a 5 hour per day job. It's part time employment, but he works 5-6 days per week.
Who does Mr. Obama think is going to be hit hardest with a driving tax?

There are so many displaced and struggling people in Michigan trying to hang on until the economy can once again support well-paying, full time employment. A tax like this would cripple our struggling economy, harm families who are already financially stretched.


Ewe said...

Yesterday we filled up both of our cars with gas using a coupon-we both had about 1/4 tank of gas left and the bill was over $100. We live 7 miles from the doctor, bank, grocery etc. There is no "city bus" here. We have tried to combine trips as much as possible even when it would be much easier to not go as a whole family.
If this tax does pass, there will be many more people that won't be able to afford to get to their jobs-especially part time jobs (and there are people that have 3-4 part time jobs because they can't get full time) and will need to go on welfare.
I get so upset that the government forgets there really are people that don't live in big cities. I wish a requirement for being president would be to drive from NY to CA-to drive yourself and take your family. Riding a bus driven by someone else or flying doesn't count. They need to see how the rest of the USA lives.

Barb the Evil Genius said...

1. There is no way my family, or a lot of other families, will let the government put a tracker on their cars.
2. Most smaller counties cannot afford public transportation any longer. Liberals would like to:
a) raise taxes so that public transportation that is not economically viable will still run; and
b) Shuffle everyone into big cities so we are not "wasting" so much gas and so we can be easier controlled
3. The poorest of the poor are being bought off with government money. I've read that 51% of people did not pay income tax in 2009! The government is happy to ride on the backs of middle class people, lower and upper.

Anonymous said...

electric vehicle = no gas tax